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The Stinson Missile Crisis

Robin confronts the fact that Barney is in love.

People naturally fall in and out of relationships. However, the relationships that matter are the ones that seem to leave a residual aftermath that sometimes is not swept away for years to come. This reality gives meaning to the phrase “art imitates life.”  During last week’s “The Ducky Tie,” Victoria’s brief return redirected Ted’s sight towards the remnants of his off again/on again relationship with Robin. The remnants of this relationship can be representative of anyone’s poor timing when it comes to the realization of the impact a person can have over them.  However, Robin has a few remnants of her own to confront before she and Ted are afforded their final romantic closure (if that moment does ever come in the literal sense).

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The Ducky Tie

Duckie Tie

Mosby and crew return to form!

During last week’s uneven two episode How I Met Your Mother premiere, I mentioned that I saw many promising themes developing over the course of “The Best Man” and “The Naked Truth.” Moreover, I felt this series would not deliver its audience astray despite the flaws during that opening hour. These two observations were only strengthened during “The Ducky Tie,” which delivered a rather inclusive, rarely dull 23 minutes  of television while showcasing this show’s capabilities when Bays and Thomas bring their ‘A’ game.

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How I Met Your Mother: The Best Man & The Naked Truth

Barney and Robin Dance Number to start Season 7

Barney and Robin Dance Their Way Into Season 7

After an uneven fifth season, How I Met Your Mother needed its sixth season to reignite the excitement in its fan base. The high points of the sixth season, represented the show at its absolute best. Season 7 picks up where Season 6 left off with Barney not sure which tie he should wear at his own wedding. The tie decision represents Barney’s own cold feet; however, this isn’t the over-the-top ladies man who has at moments been the staple of this show’s wackier side. No, this is an evolved Barney Stinson. He is about to fulfill his nuptials, but he’s wondering if he made the right decision; however, the decision he’s unsure of would make the Barney Stinson of earlier seasons furious. This new Barney is struggling with a more permanent decision. He wants to make sure he’s spending the rest of his life with the right one.

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